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Best Customizable Soundboard for PC

To reflect emotions in conversations, sounds can play an effective role. For example, if you are in a video/voice meeting or playing a game with friends, then using sounds between your conversations can uplift the whole experience. Therefore, this blog will present the best soundboard for PC that provides dozens of sounds that you click from your PC or smartphone and get them played through your PC’s microphone. This way, you can use the soundboard on all those apps that use your PC’s microphone, such as Zoom, Fortnite, Discord, etc.

Install Voicemod Soundboard

To use sounds, you have to install a soundboard on your PC. Voicemod stands as one of the best soundboard tools that offer multiple categories of sounds. Go to the Voicemod website and download the tool on your PC. Afterward, complete the installation process.

Play Sounds

When you open the Voicemod tool, you will see a bunch of voices that you can use as voice changers. Since we are interested in the soundboard, so click “Soundboard” from the left sidebar. There you will see a few of the categories of sounds that you can use. If you want more categories, you have to go for the pro version.

Go to any sound category and then click on one of the sounds. The tool will play that sound on your PC. You can stop the sound anytime by clicking the “Stop sounds” button from the top. Moreover, on the right sidebar, you can do some customizations with the sound, such as changing volume, using playback mode, etc.

Add Shortcut to Sounds

Voicemod allows you to assign shortcut keys to sounds so that you can play them easily without opening the soundboard every time. To assign a shortcut key to a sound, click on any sound and then click “Add keybind” from the right sidebar. Afterward, assign the shortcut key of your choice, such as F5.

Search Sounds

Voicemod offers you tons of sounds divided into different categories. You can select the sounds from there or you can click the “search” icon from the top to search specific sounds, such as applause, etc.

Custom Soundboard

If you have shortlisted a few sounds as your favorites, you can add them to your custom soundboard for easy access. Right-click your favorite sound and then click “Duplicate”. Afterward, click on your custom soundboard from the left and there you will see that sound added as your favorite.

Add Custom Sounds

If you have your own custom sounds, you can add them as well. Go to your custom soundboard in Voicemod and then pick a .mp3 or .wav sound file from your PC. It will upload and add to your custom soundboard. You can add up to 5 custom sounds in the free version of Voicemod.

Tuna Sound Library

In your custom soundboard section in Voicemod, you will see an option that says “Tuna sound library”. Click on it and it will take you to the online library from where you can access thousands of free sounds. You can download the sounds from there or click the Voicemod icon next to the sound to directly add that sound to your custom soundboard.

Play Sounds in Apps

Now that we have set up a custom soundboard, the next task is how to use those sounds in other apps. Let’s take the Zoom app as an example. So, when you are in the Zoom meeting, click the arrow-shaped icon next to the microphone icon and then make sure it has selected “Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM))”. This ensures that all your voices including the sounds go through the PC’s mic. So, if you press the shortcut key assigned to one of your sounds, then you will see it playing out loud and other participants would hear it.

Play Sounds on PC through Phone

In case you are playing a video game on a PC that takes the whole display, then it’s not possible for you to open the soundboard and play the sound. But you can use your phone to play the sound through the PC’s microphone. Follow the below steps to do it:

  1. Click the phone icon from the bottom right corner and scan the QR code from your phone’s camera. It will take you to the App Store or Play Store to download and install the app.
  2. Launch the app, click “Connect now” and then provide camera and local network access. Afterward, scan the QR code and it will make the connection with your PC.
  3. Click the “+” icon and then click “Soundboard profile”. It will show you all of your different soundboards.
  4. Click “My Soundboard” and it will add it to your phone’s profile. When you open that soundboard, it will provide all the different sounds stored in it. Click on any sound and you will see the audio played from your PC’s microphone.

This way, you can easily set up your phone to play sounds on the PC.

Wrapping Up

Soundboard is perfect to be more expressive with your words and elevate the conversation experience. Voicemod offers the easiest platform to access dozens of different sounds and create a custom soundboard. So, set up your soundboard with Voicemod today and have more fun.

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