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Comprehensive IT Solutions in Toronto

Sun IT Solutions prides itself on being one of the finest firms dealing with IT Solutions in Toronto. With a comprehensive list of services that are offered at cost-effective rates, Sun IT Solutions ensures that your business’s IT network and infrastructure functions at its optimal capacity. The IT Solutions offered by Sun IT Solutions are –

1. Managed IT services
With a dedicated team of IT specialists, your business’s entire IT networking infrastructure is optimised for maximum productivity and functionality. Sun IT Solutions handles your entire IT network efficiently by constant vigilance and maintenance and, with a host of customised IT solutions involving software maintenance, data security and network security, your business’s IT infrastructure remains safe, secure and working at its highest capacity. Further, in the event of any issues or hiccups, Sun IT Solutions offers round-the-clock technical assistance to make your IT network run smoothly.

2.On demand IT services
In the event of a contingency, it may not always be possible to evaluate whether you should opt for managed IT solutions. This is why Sun IT Solutions offers on demand IT solutions in Toronto, making it easier for your business to simply pay for the service you require. With quick responses, flexibility in terms of services and their payments and a complete team of IT specialists dedicated to resolve your IT issues, you can rest assured about your investment in your IT infrastructure.

3.Round-the-clock assistance
No matter what time of the day your issue arises, Sun IT Solutions will be at your disposal to resolve your issue efficiently.

4.Strategized consultation services
Sun IT Solutions offers the best of its strategic planning regarding your IT networking infrastructure by fine tuning its plans, softwares and long-term or short-term approaches to meet your business targets and profits. This ensures low long-term costs and efficient resolution and maintenance of your issues and IT infrastructure.

5. On-site assessment
IT specialists from Sun IT Solutions will evaluate the on-site requirements for your business’s IT infrastructure and thereby optimise any suggestions, solutions and maintenance in a cost-effective manner.

6.Security management
With state of the art anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-spyware and anti-malware softwares, Sun IT Solutions ensures that your business’s data and network remains protected and secure. Constant monitoring of your network and servers by a team of dedicated IT specialists makes it near-impossible for your network to be breached.

7.Set up and maintenance of IT infrastructure
With customised IT infrastructure options, Sun IT Solutions ensures that a complete IT infrastructure is tailored, designed and deployed specifically for your business.

8. Virtual CIO solutions
Having a lead IT specialist overseeing the functioning of your IT infrastructure goes a long way in both preventing any issues and maintaining an optimal level of productivity. This can be achieved by hiring Sun IT Solutions’ vCIO services and solutions.

9.Cloud-based IT services
With ease of transference of data and software, resolving and maintaining your business’s IT infrastructure becomes ten-fold easier. This is why Sun IT Solutions offers state of the art cloud-based services with dedicated IT professionals at your disposal, 24 hours a day.

10. Point to point services
Point to point wireless services play a crucial role in secure and reliable connectivity to ensure data and backup availability. Even in the event of failure of your primary ISP, point to point wireless connectivity ensure your network remains connected and online.

11.Structured cabling
When you hire Sun IT Solutions as your managed IT services firm, you are assured of top-grade telecom and network cabling and wiring services to meet all your on-site requirements. These are inclusive of CAT 3, CAT 5 , CAT 6 , OM2, OM3, coaxial as well as fibre and other cable types.

12. WiFi rental services
Sun IT Solutions helps make your temporary WiFi requirements easy to secure by way of its WiFi rental services. With large bandwidths, fast internet connectivity, multiple access points, focused advertising, and round the clock technical assistance, you can rest assured of the success of your event when you engage Sun IT Solutions’ IT solutions in Toronto.

13.IT hardware provisions
With tailored pricing on hardware equipment that your business may need, Sun IT Solutions not only ensures availability of enterprise grade hardware technology but also goes a step further to set up and carry out maintenance work as and when necessary.

14.Email solutions and services
Securing your emails and cloud data on servers goes a long way to ensure availability and protection from cyber threats. Sun IT Solutions offers hosted email and cloud-based emailing services for your business with the options of leading vendors such as Google, Microsoft and so on.

Engaging Sun IT Solutions for your IT solutions in Toronto guarantees you an efficient and optimised IT network and infrastructure. With a large range of services to choose from, your business can invest in whichever service desires or needs.