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How to Disable Meeting Chat in Microsoft Teams

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Meeting is an excellent way to conduct and hold virtual meetings. Especially in the pandemic, not only businesses, but schools, colleges, news channels, the sports industry and many more have reverted to this form of communication.

The multiple features offered make communication smoother and easier. One of these features is the Chat option in Microsoft Meetings. Through chat, you can communicate with the entire group and send personal messages to a member during the meeting.

If you have an important business meeting and do not want the members to lose track of the conversation and disturb you while you are talking, you will be better off without the chat, right?

Similarly, when you are taking a class, the students run havoc in the chat section. So, it is better to have it switched off to avoid any sort of distraction during the lecture. You can always turn in on later to encourage group discussions and brainstorming.

How Can You Disable Chat in Microsoft Teams during the Meeting?

Once you have decided you do not want to have an open chat, it is time to disable it.

  • First things first, only the Team Owner can disable/enable the chat option. No one else can do it.
  • Click on the ellipses on the top bar, select meeting options and you will see the chat is enabled.
  • To switch if off, from the drop-down list, disable the chat.
  • Select “Save”
  • In the end, you can turn it on by following all the steps and select “enable chat”

How Can You Disable Chat in Microsoft Teams Before the Meeting Starts?

It is better to be done and dusted with disabling chats before your meeting starts.

  • Go to the Calendar
  • Select the meeting
  • Go to meeting options
  • You can see “allow meeting chat” at the bottom.
  • To disable it, select disable
  • There is a 3rd option “In meeting ONLY” this means they will be allowed to chat only if the particular person is present in the meeting.

How Can You Enable Chat in Microsoft Teams ONLY When You Are In the Meeting?

Sometimes, you want the chat to take place only in front of you to know what is going on. But, with the above two options, either the participants can chat or they can’t. But, with this option, they won’t be able to chat unless you join the meeting. Follow these simple steps to enable this unique option.

  • Meeting details > Meeting Options
  • Choose “who can bypass the lobby”
  • Select “Only Me”
  • Save

This means that no one can enter the chat until you allow them. They will be waiting in the lobby. Once you allow them, everyone can chat

How Can You Disable Chat in Microsoft Teams Once You Have Left?

To ensure no one can chat once you leave the meeting, always click “End Meeting”.


You can see there are so many options for every occasion. Pick one that suits your meeting needs.