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New Features in Office 2021

Office 2021: All the NEW Features

Office 2021 was released alongside Windows 11 back on October 5, 2021. Office 2021 is the non-subscription alternative to Microsoft 365 and provides access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher after a one-time purchase. Office 2021 has come up with a lot of new features, such as inking tools, data types, co-authoring, line focus, and a lot more. So, let’s explore all the exciting new features accessible with Office 2021.

New Features in Office 2021

Below is the list of all the key new features in Office 2021:

  • Real-Time Co-Authoring: With Office 2021, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now support real-time co-authoring. Through this feature, teammates can work on a single document at the same time. Moreover, you get access to modern comments and can also know who is in your document at any time. All it demands is that you store the document in OneDrive.
  • Visual Refresh: The visual of Office apps is also refreshed to match them with Windows 11. You will see rounded windows, a neutral color palette, and an overall must softer appearance.
  • Stock Images: Office apps now also provide access to stock images and icons.
  • Word Search Bar: You can use the Word search bar to look for specific functions or help.
  • Line Focus: Word now provides the new option called line focus that helps you read one line at a time.
  • Auto-Save: All your Office documents will now auto-save, removing the hassle of pressing CTRL + S continuously.
  • Open Document Format (.odf): You can now save documents in open document format.
  • Updated Draw Tab: The Draw tab is updated.
  • Sketched Style Outline: You can now draw an outline as sketched style and can add HEX colors in the color picker.
  • XLOOKUP: The XLOOKUP function in Excel is the replacement of older LOOKUP functions and helps to easily look up things in the spreadsheet.
  • Dynamic Arrays: You can use dynamic arrays in Excel, such as filter, sort by, etc.
  • LET Function: You can use the LET function in Excel to assign calculation results to names.
  • XMATCH Function: You can use the XMATCH function to search for a specific item in the range of cells and get the item’s relative position in return.
  • Sheet Views: You can now set different sheet views in Excel.
  • Record Presentation: You can record your presentation in PowerPoint along with the video and audio.
  • Record Inking: You can also record the inking on the slide.
  • Outlook Search Bar: You can use the search bar in Outlook to instantly search for specific messages.
  • Inking in Outlook: You can annotate your messages in Outlook by inking.
  • Microsoft Teams bundled with Office: Microsoft Teams is now bundled with Office, which means you don’t have to install separate Teams software.

Other than the above new features, Office 2021 has also undergone performance updates across the board.

Office 2021 is a perfect standalone Office toolkit for Microsoft users who don’t want to subscribe to Microsoft 365. Microsoft has done a pretty good job in enhancing existing Office features along with introducing many new ones. So, try out the above new features yourself and elevate your user experience.

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