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SageCRM System Architecture


Sage CRM is a 32-bit application which can run on a 64-bit server. Sage CRM installations comprise of a Sage CRM server and a database server. As Sage CRM is a web-based solution, each user needs a web browser and IP connection to the Sage CRM server to access the system.

The Sage CRM server runs the following:

  • IIS
  • ISAPI DLL which includes HTML / Page generation objects, session / persistence manager, customizable business objects, business logic objects, security manager, and database service objects.
  • Apache Tomcat which includes the interactive dashboard, SData manager, Apache POI, Exchange Server Sync Engine, and E-marketing. You can deploy Exchange Server Sync Engine on a remote server.

The database server is SQL Server. A file share is also required to store library files, although this is generally stored on the Sage CRM server.

External services include the email server, Emarketing platform, GCRM enbabled accounting solution endpoints, and Exchange Server. Data is sent through an optional firewall from the web browser and external services to the Sage CRM server over HTTP (Internet / Intranet) and from the Sage CRM server as HTML, Java Script, Dynamic HTML and style sheets.

Sage CRM connects to the database using Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC). The latest version of MDAC is installed as part of the Sage CRM setup if it’s not already on the system.

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