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Switching IT Companies in Toronto

Are you set to switch your IT infrastructure or company? Sun IT Solutions has all it takes to be your IT service company. Let us take the wheel and help you meet your IT service needs.

When is the right/best time to switch or change IT companies?

Have you ever employed the services of an IT company and at the end of the day they were not the right choice for you? The word “IT consultant” does not always imply that the person can understand on an intrinsic level your IT challenges. What happens most of the time is that these companies or IT partners are focused on cybersecurity, IT help desk support, or network administration, but they do not have what it takes most times to develop an in-depth strategy and holistic IT infrastructure for your business.

When you are now faced with clear-cut challenges that are unending, this might be a good time to switch your present IT company to a new IT service provider.

Keeping and sustain a secure, reliable, and affordable IT infrastructure is important

The onus is on you to provide your customers and staff members business applications that work and provide that every time. This cannot be brought to the limelight if you are continually frustrated by a slow internet connection, faced with continuous disruptions to key business systems due to malware, or if your customers get poor response time due to an overworked in-house IT team.

Quality IT service providers offer a host of IT services that are focused on both small and mid-sized businesses. Some key services include:

  • System backup
  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud storage and deployment
  • IT help desk support
  • IT project implementations

The benefits of working with a virtual CIO are becoming more glaring to a lot of businesses. A CIO is one with in-depth knowledge in both your line of business and technology and can use that knowledge to deliver trusted and strategic recommendations for businesses that cannot meet the expense of an in-house IT team of professionals.

How to choose the right IT services provider for your business

There is a huge difference between an IT service provider and an IT consultant. IT consultants are mostly hired to provide guidance and strategic oversight which also includes the technology type and suitable functionalities that can help your business realize its goals. They usually have a pre-determined length type of engagement with certain goals set and responsibilities to attain success.

An IT service company, on the other hand, offers a range of services and solutions depending on the expertise of your in-house team and your acceptance of particular software companies. IT service providers are more of a long-term partnership between two organizations.

Great importance and care must be placed on choosing the right IT service provider and this starts with asking the right questions asked by your potential technology partner. You should settle for an IT service provider that goes beyond just the technological needs, your business operations, budget, present technological advancements, and internal staffing models, and any other partnership.

There are various sizes and shapes of IT service providers. A provider that works for a Fortune 500 company might not be the best to meet the needs or the budget of a small business or company. The size of the company must be evaluated to ensure that it is in pal with the needs of the business. Always ask for references to make sure that there has been good engagement by other companies and to assess the response time of your potential partners.

Benefits of outsourcing to Sun IT Solutions

It is in our DNA to continuously improve your experience even from remote desktop support to our top-notch drop-off program that is designed to give your business a lift. Here are a few ways our team at Sun IT Solutions adds value to all her clients.

  • Save internal hosting fees: we achieve this by providing our own IT infrastructure and data centers
  • We reduce the cost of labor by ensuring there are no multiple employments of technicians for all your IT needs
  • We employ our A-grade and robust security solutions to help you minimize data security risks, protect sensitive customer data, and protect other sensitive data
  • We apply a proactive and preventive approach when dealing with upgrades and patches to increase your business productivity
  • We carry out backups and never forget them so that we can carry out proper business continuity for your company
  • We ensure that when a new technology hits the market you get to have a quick implementation of such new and trusted technologies. This also applies to licensing, support, and training.
  • We ensure that compliance with all government regulations are at 100%

Sun IT Solutions is the leader when it comes to IT service providers in all of Toronto where integrity, creativity, innovation, and honesty are the core values of our business.

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