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Top 10 New Features in Microsoft Teams

Teamwork – surely it is the need of the day. Microsoft has recently come up with the concept of Microsoft teams – the ultimate tool you need for collaboration at work. It is a part of the Office 365 and provides features like videoconferencing, workspace chat, application integration and storage of files.

Recently, Microsoft has added several new features to the application to enhance your intranet experience. Today, we have picked the top 10 new features that are the most useful.

New Scenes in the Together Mode

Up till now, you only got the gallery view in the together mode. Now, many new scenes have been added. You can choose from black seats, white seats and many other scenes. Change the scene from the meeting mode.

Pop-Out Applications

You can now easily get your applications to pop out to work easily and keep engaging with your team without unnecessary clicking again and again.

Presenter View

In meeting controls, you can go to share content and share your ppt presentation. With each slide, you can see the notes you have made and even skip slides from the slide sorter which is below.

New User Experience

Microsoft has updated the outlay of the app and it is more modern and slick. In the dark mode, the icons are cleaned up and the writing is darker. In the lighter mode, changes have been made.

Shared Calendars

To organize your events as a team, you can add a shared calendar to your channel. Click on the + icon and choose channel calendar. Add in the tasks and send it to specific people or all on the channel.

Approval App

Request and send approvals on your ideas/tasks. In the ellipsis, you can check the approvals pending.

Overall Experience

Generally, shared content, videoconferencing and voice calls have been made easier. You can see the icons on the top.

Integration between Outlook and Teams

This is a very useful feature. Even though we believe that teams if good enough for collaboration in the workplace, we cannot deny the fact that email remains the largest and most used form of communication.

Microsoft has taken it up a notch and has brought Outlook and Teams together. Just by clicking “more options” you can shift an entire conversation to your Outlook and can use it in the form of an email. Yes, even the attachments.

No More Lobby

If you don’t want to be disturbed during your meeting, select the option of letting people who join late bypass the lobby and enter themselves.

End of meeting notification

You get a notification when there are only 5 minutes left in the meeting. This does not help you boot out, but gives a little hope that there is a little time left.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste time and make Microsoft Teams a part of your workplace for a smooth, interesting and effective communication method at work!

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