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Top 15 Microsoft Word Tips & Tricks

More than 1 billion users use Microsoft word on a daily basis. WOW! The reason is the ease of use and features Word provides.

But, did you know we have some other simple yet effective tips and tricks up our sleeves today to make your experience better.

Microsoft Tips to Enhance User Experience

1.Cut, Copy, Paste Shortcuts

Right clicking to cut, copy, paste gets tedious and boring. Keyboard shortcuts work so much better. Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V respectively to increase work efficiency.

2.Dark Mode

White tends to get brighter and puts a strain on your eye. Go to File > account > office theme > select dark.

3.Smart Lookup

Instead of opening pages again and again, select a text, right-click and select “smart lookout” This enables you to browse online without opening multiple tabs. It gives a lot of information from the definition to news scan etc.

Ctrl+K lets you add the required links in a document. We know how frequently links need to be added and this shortcut will save time.

5.Save as PDF

To send the document in a format that can’t be edited or changed, opt for save as PDF. For this, select the document you want to send in PDF format. File > Save As > PDF. You are not good to go!


Ctrl+C makes copying easy. But, it only lets you paste the latest copy. To paste other items you have copied, go to Home > click on the icon on the bottom corner and you will get the entire clipboard. From here, select what you want to paste.

7.Apply Formulas

No more shifting between applications. You can apply formulas in Word also. We do this by the selecting formula from the layout table. You can choose from different formulas.

8.Horizontal Line

Adding a horizontal line is very easy. All you need to do is add three hyphens – – – and press enter.

9.Find Word Easily

Use CTRL+F to look for words and phrases easily without having to read the entire document again and again.

Remember, you can also replace entire words when you press CTRL+G. Wherever the word is in the document, it will replace the word with the new one.

10.Sort List

You can sort lists in different orders. All you need to do is select the entire list and click on sort. From here, you can select how you want to sort the text/dates/numbers

11.Mention Names

You can share documents to others. Moreover, you can highlight and choose comments. You can mention by selection @ and write the name

12.Pin Documents

If you have an important document, you can pin it by opening office button and can see all the recent documents. Click on the pin shape.

13.Resume Assistant

In review, you can select resume assistant and get help

14.Table of Content

 References allow you to insert an automatic table of contents. WOW! Why didn’t I know this option?


Translate by going to Review > Language and select translate

As you can see, these shortcuts and tips will make your Word experience so much better and productive.