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Windows 11 Built-in and Free Screen Recorder – Clipchamp

Windows 11 is turning into the best Windows version released till now due to its focus on productivity-boosting and enhanced user experience. The recent addition of Windows 11 capabilities is the built-in screen recorder that not just records screen and webcam simultaneously but also offers full video editing capabilities. The tool is called Clipchamp. So, let’s explore in detail what are the capabilities of the Clipchamp and how you can get the best screen recording experience.

Clipchamp – A Quick Overview

Clipchamp is a free video editor tool by Microsoft that provides all the video recording and editing capabilities a user needs to create quality videos. It offers an extremely user-friendly interface and a rich set of features, such as click-based video editing, video resizing, green screen, text-to-speech, speaker coaching, and many more.

How to Record and Edit Screen Recording with Clipchamp

Now that we know what Clipchamp is all about, let’s turn our focus on how to record and edit screen recording with Clipchamp. Follow the below steps to do so:

  1. Access Clipchamp

The Clipchamp app comes pre-installed with Windows 11 and is also included in the latest update of Windows 11. So, you can search for “Clipchamp” in the Start menu and access the app. However, if you don’t see the app, you can download it from Microsoft Store. Alternatively, you can go to the Clipchamp website to access it online.

  1. Start Screen Recording

Once you are on the main home screen of Clipchamp, you can see 3 recording options, i.e., “Screen & camera”, “Camera”, and “Screen”. Let’s click the “Screen & camera” option so that you can record both your screen and webcam at the same time.

Once you are in the recording window, you can choose your microphone and camera from the bottom. You will also see the “Coach: Off” option, which is a speaker coach that analyzes your recording and gives you recommendations, like repetitive language, filler words, intonation, etc. Moreover, you will also notice that Clipchamp currently allows you to record 30 minutes video segment, but you can have as many segments as you want.

Now click the big red record button to start recording. Afterward, select whether you want to record the entire screen, just one window, or the Microsoft Edge tab. Once done, click “Share”. This way, the recording will start.

Once you are finished recording, click the red button to stop recording. Afterward, you can click “Retake recording” or “Review Speech” to see the suggestions by the tool on your recording. Once done, click “Save and edit”.

  1. Separate Media Files

Once you have clicked “Save and edit”, it will take you to the editing window. On the right-hand side, you will see two video files, one is the webcam recording and the other one is your screen recording. In fact, both these files are also saved on your PC.

  1. Preview Customization

In the center of the editing window, you see the preview of your recording. You can play it, forward/reverse it, etc. Moreover, you can also customize the different aspects of the preview. For example, if you click on the webcam recording in the preview window, you can do different editing, such as repositioning, resizing, cropping, etc. Moreover, the right sidebar also offers further customization, such as filters, fade, adjust colors, speed, etc.

  1. Timeline and Editing

Beneath the preview window is the timeline of the video, which is similar to what you get with other video editing tools. From there, you can cut and split video parts easily and look at the changes in the preview window.

  1. Transition

From the left sidebar, scroll down a bit and click “Transition”. This feature allows you to add transition effects between the different video parts you have split. For example, you can apply fade through black, wipe right, tiles, push left, and similar other transition effects.

  1. Add Text, Music, Graphics

Other than transitions, the left sidebar also provides other editing options, such as adding text, music, stock video, graphics, etc. You can add and customize them with a simple click-based drag-and-drop approach.

  1. Add Additional Media

You can also add additional media. To do that, click the “+” icon from the left sidebar and then drag and drop files from your PC or even from Google Drive or other channels. Similarly, if you click “Record & create”, you can record and add additional screen recording to the video.

  1. Save and Export

Once you have completed all the editing, click the “Export” button from the top right corner and choose the video quality you want. The tool will start rendering your video. In the meanwhile, you can also give the video a name. In addition, you can also save or share the video to Google Drive, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Clipchamp is serving as the ideal, one-stop complete video editing tool that Windows users need to freely and easily create videos. Its rich set of features, powered with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, makes it super-handy to use. So, follow the steps discussed above to easily record and edit screen recordings with Clipchamp right away.

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